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  Modern refrigerators and freezers use aluminum panels, which are made of two aluminum sheets assembled by a rolling process. pressurizing the panel at between 150-250 bars creates the channels.

Being the ideal product for achieving the best cooling performances roll-bond is the most widely used product in the world.

A ready to fit into refrigerator, evaporator assemblies generally used in conventional type of refrigerators.

Punched or bended according to technical drawing, grouped with heat exchanger pipes or connectors, epoxy-polyester powder-coated.
It is roll-bond evaporator which are used on refrigerator or cooler or freezers.

There are One Side flat roll-bond evaporator ,Double side inflated roll-bond evaporator ,Partial one side flat roll-bond evaporator.

It is AL-AL assembled and Copper-Aluminum joined tubes mainly used for cooling systems.Face is painted with white plastic powder.

We can supply it according to your special sizes and assure you good quality.
Features and Advantages :
One-Side-partly-Flat (OSF) type of roll-bond evaporators is used for flat vision inside freezers. The channels can be seen only from one side and the other side of the panel is flat; When assembled in the refrigerator this flat side is visible.
There is no risk of damaging the cooling channels.

Minimize the in-house assembly operations. Degreasing, passivation and powder coating operations are held in an automated line.
Typical Applications :
Freezer sections of Double-Door refrigerators. Fresh-food sections of double-door refrigerators as hidden (i.e. Cold wall application) or visible (i.e. Assembled in fresh food compartment); freezer section of single door refrigerators U or O bended; Bottle coolers visible on the back-wall or hidden.

Roll-bond has three advantages compared to Tube and Sheet :
Mass inertia
Fin efficiency
Transmission efficiency
The major benefits are the reduction of the compressor running time and the energy consumption.   The very high efficiency of roll-bond allows the use of a smaller compressor if possible. The benefits are energy saving and cost reduction.
Tube and Sheet
Roll-bond + small compressor
Energy saving optimization
Running time
Cooling performances of the system can be improved through:
Roll-bond design
Design influences the cooling capacity, energy consumption, noise level and compressor protection.

We develop high level of technical support to be able to propose optimised channel numbers, width, height, step between channels and channel design.
Channel height and width
We can produce higher channel heights and larger widths to ensure a lower pressure drop, allowing us to produce panels with very narrow tolerances along the direction perpendicular to rolling.
Boiler design
Boiler geometry has big influence on compressor protection and noise level.
our experience :
High level of technical proficiency to support your projects
Support and backing from our devoted progress team of roll-bond engineers
Simulation of aluminum alloy conversion processes
Structural investigations, microscopy and thermal analysis
Quick prototyping ability without tooling constraints

types :
Double Side Inflated DSI panels.
Partial One Side Flat P-OSF panels.    
Pure aluminum for all inflated sides    
Rolled products:
Length : up to 2 500 mm
Width  : up to 700 mm
  Flexible according to product specifications    
Cut-to-length products:    
  Max Length : up to 3000 mm   Width: 640 mm +
  Min Length  : up to 100 mm   Width: 150 mm +

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