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  Being light, easy to form, excellent thermal conductor, and convenient to recycle, Aluminum is a versatile material offering a number of well-known advantages.

Why Chanvim Engineers ?
Energy savings
The seamless circuit on a roll-bond panel ensures flawless contact. Thermal efficiency is 25% higher than with comparable Tube and Sheet systems.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, for high thermal efficiency.
Noise reduction
- Reduction of noise level by optimizing existing roll-bond design.
- Elimination of scotch scratch, dilatation / contraction of the tube against the sheet, for    other technologies.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, for noise reduction.
Customized product
Roll-bond is the only process allowing the integration of additional functions in the circuit (noise-reduction channels, boiler areas or channels ramification) without any price increase.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, for an optimized solution.
Continuously improved technology
Each panel can easily be optimized through an infinite range of design abilities: modification of channel width, integration of crimped channels, fine adjustment of the boiler area, etc.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, the state-of-the-art cooling process.
High-quality product
The stable continuous manufacturing process ensures dimensional reproducibility of the panels and consistency of the final performances.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, for high reproducibility.
Attractive finish
The surface aspect of aluminum makes it an ideal choice from an aesthetic point of view, especially for one-site flat panels.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, for excellent appearance.
Gained storage space and easy transport
Once cut-to-size the panels are easy to stack and store. They can be easily shipped and stored with no damage.
CHANVIM ENGINEERS, for a convenient and east to handle solution.

Thermal efficiency, excellent reproducibility, modular functions, leading-edge technology, attractive finish...

contribute to its already wide usage for cooling systems.

Your requirements…
Lighter structures:
The use of aluminum combined with the roll-bond solution allows considerable weight savings. This is a major benefit for applications like land, sea and air transportation.
Safe fluid circulation:
Virtually no chance of leakage as the circuit is seamless.
A modular and customized design:
The roll-bond solution offers an infinite range of patterns.
A wide variety of circuits and optimized space:
Distinct circuits for different fluids can be set in the same panel with no extra cost.
High mechanical performance for structural parts:
Pattern optimization can significantly improve the crash, crack and buckling strength.


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